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Photo gallery

Photo gallery of the center of beauty and health IRIS

Photo gallery of the center of beauty and health IRIS

We offer our clients very wide choice. From the weakening Spa massage prior to the most effective procedures for fight against cellulitis and excess weight. By the way, in addition to manual techniques, wrappings and cosmetic programs we opened LPG office in the center. We have the only newest device of the Cellu M6 series in Belarus for today. It has a huge functionality and excellent results

One of highlights of our center — an office for work on a body. But it is not the ordinary room with a massage couch. The office is called Topidary. It is executed in a stone, and walls, a floor and a marble table have continuous heating. It is the warm room in which any a Spa procedure becomes the real ritual.

We show consideration for each trifle in our center

We show consideration for each trifle in our center

Our purpose was to create such center in which it would be possible to receive a full complex from manicure, a hairstyle and face care or a body prior to a difficult hi-tech medical procedure in the field of cosmetology, an antieydzh or fight against figure problems. On the one hand, to create the home cozy atmosphere, and with another — to offer our clients the highest level of rendering both hairdresser's, and medical services.

  • Medical center
  • Beauty saloon
Medical center
Beauty saloon

Gift Certificate of Medical
and Beauty Spa Iris

Treat your loved ones to beauty, health and a few hours of complete relaxation – we will do our best to please them. This is a great gift for any occasion, including a corporate holiday or a romantic date. The possibility to book the convenient time and a wide selection of procedures will ensure your gift will be much appreciated.


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