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Plasmolifting with neodymium rejuvenation

The procedure of plasmolifting in combination with neodymium rejuvenation

In cosmetology of 21 centuries many methods of combination of esthetic procedures, for giving of more expressed effect of rejuvenation appeared. And here one of them!

 Plasmolifting VS Neodymium rejuvenation

Plasmolifting is a procedure of introduction of the enriched blood plasma to skin for correction of esthetic shortcomings. Own blood from a vein in the volume of 20-30 ml undertakes, it is centrifuged and divided into two fractions: plasma and eritrotsiturny weight. In plasma there are active thrombocytes which are powerful "activators" of own reserve opportunities of an organism. And with their help we start reactions to restoration and rejuvenation.

 Indications to the procedure of plasmolifting:

  • mimic wrinkles;
  • the skin which drooped after weight loss, prevention of extensions after weight reduction;
  • dry skin, peeling;
  • acne, acne rash, pimples;
  • the help to skin after a chemical peeling;
  • restoration after laser grindings;
  • hair loss.
  • The procedure suits all, regardless of age.

It is absolutely safe as drug is made of own blood of the patient therefore the risk of an allergy is excluded.

The neodymium laser has pulsed operation of work and radiates long infrared waves. Length of a light impulse (wave) – 1064 nanometers. Level of penetration of the laser into fabric is deep: 4-8 mm. Overcomes all five layers of epidermis (a skin periblast), and further goes deep into the center of skin - a derma where collagen – the protein responsible for skin youth is located, and also: durability of bones, nails, cartilages and sinews; beauty of hair; elasticity of vessels; fortress of a muscular corset; steady structure of fabrics and bodies. Collagen makes a derma basis.

Neodymium is interested the collagen which is exclusively lying in a derma. A laser task – to adjust synthesis of this valuable protein.

Burns during the work of neodymium do not arise because melanin absorbs laser radiation, and skin responds smaller irritation than from work of similar lezr.


  • flabbiness of skin
  • hems
  • obvislost century
  • small wrinkles
  • nevus pigmentosus
  • "goose pads" in corners of eyes
  • dark circles under eyes
  • uneven complexion with traces of inflammations
  • the increased skin fat content
  • acne rash
  • acne
  • freckles
  • traces of sunblisters
  • vascular asterisks
  • vascular reticulums.

Except the person, the neodymium laser warms up also other parts of a body needing deep rejuvenation:

  • neck
  • area of a decollete
  • hands
  • forearms
  • shoulders
  • stomach
  • hips.

 Neodymium with gloss proved also in laser medicine and is the Gold standard of modern laser cosmetology. It is successfully used in noninvasive removal of vessels and veins of average fineness (diameter of 2-3 mm) lying under skin at a depth up to 4 mm. Under the influence of warming up, walls of vessels stick together from within.

Procedure of neodymium lifting and plasmolifting

Laser impulses without contact get into skin (through air) and the patient begins to feel heat. At this time neodymium beams work, warming collagenic fibers, and the plasma which is earlier entered by us. In response to invasion, they begin vigorous activity and after the procedure continue to work within 2 weeks, every day giving us more and more increasing effect which remains about a year!

The course makes 3-4 procedures with frequency of times in 1 month, or 1 procedure in 3 months.

You can get acquainted with contraindications, having addressed our specialists!

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