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Velashape body shaping

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Correction of body contours on VelaShape 3
  • Cellulite is a huge problem for 80% of women in the world. Some fight it with exhausting workouts and strict diets, the others are trying to find more modern, fast, and painless ways. An American-Israeli company Syneron Candela has developed VelaShape III ­- the device used exactly for the latter purposes.

    The non-invasive treatment techniques ensure the reduction of volume of subcutaneous fat, smoothing the skin and creating attractive outlines of the body.

    The device stimulates lymph outflow by infrared radiation, classical mechanical massage, vacuum and bipolar radio waves. The result is visible already after 3 sessions.

    VELASHAPE helps to:

    • get rid of the unsightly orange-peel effect;
    • restore the figure in the postpartum period;
    • improve skin tone after liposuction and rapid weight loss;
    • reduce body volume. 

     The patient has to be 20-40 years old to take this procedure.

     How is massage carried out?

     The doctor places VSmooth and VContour applicators on problem areas (neck and chin, thighs and buttocks, forearm and back, abdomen) and turns on the device. During the procedure and within 74 hours after it the patient feels warmth. The course consists of 4-6 sessions at a 7-days interval each.

    • Results
      visible after first session
    • Cellulite treatment
    • Increases skin elasticity
    • Corrects body contours
    • Can be used after pregnancy
    • Non-invasive body shaping

Velashape 3 body shaping

VelaShape III is the best and the only device in the world that brings together 4 technologies:

  1. Infrared light
  2. Bipolar radio frequency
  3. Vacuum
  4. Mechanical impact of rollers

How VelaShape III works:

 VelaShape III uses the elos technology to provide deep warming up of fat cells (adipocytes), their surrounding connective tissue and collagen fibers of the dermis. Special radio frequency allows to achieve effective heating of adipocytes. The optimal design of the electrodes and the simultaneous exposure to vacuum allow for faster and deeper effects. This, in turn, improves microcirculation, lymph drainage, cellular metabolism and collagen structure. In addition, fibroblasts are stimulated and extracellular matrix remodeling occurs.

 As a result, skin laxity and its volume is reduced locally, and in general, skin structure and texture are improved.

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