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Waxing in Minsk, sugaring prices
  • All types of depilation in Minsk

    Such techniques as waxing and laser hair removal in Minsk, as well as sugaring are used to get rid of unwanted body hair. These techniques are absolutely safe for your health and help to remove excess hairs and retard their subsequent growth.

    Advantages of sugaring and waxing in Minsk:

    • The use of high quality materials of natural origin. In Iris Center, we only use wax and paste for sugaring whose quality is acknowledged by certificates of conformity;
    • Possibility to work with any area of the body. We provide hair removal services in Minsk in the bikini zone, on hands, underarms, face, legs, buttocks, etc.;
    • Long-lasting effect. The result lasts for at least 3 weeks, when new hair starts to grow which is thin and barely visible;
    • Excellent price for hair removal in Minsk that depends on the chosen method;
    • Absence of microtraumas and irritation.

    Sugaring in Minsk

    A specialist applies a layer of sugar caramel on the body, which is removed after hardening together with the hairs (pulled out with their roots) and the keratinized skin cells.

    Waxing in Minsk

    Warm wax is distributed over the skin, while its temperature eliminates the risk of burns. When the wax hardens, it is removed with a paper or tissue strip along with the hairs and dead cells.

    Laser hair removal in Minsk

    The hair is removed with the help of laser energy heating the hair follicle and destroying it, which leads to the weakening of the hairs and their subsequent loss. Affordable price of laser hair removal in Minsk and long-lasting effect allows you to save money on excess hair removal and achieve the best result.

    • Quality materials
    • Hypoallergenic cosmetics
    • Does not cause irritation

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