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SPA programs

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SPA and massage in Minsk at the following prices
  • Massage and SPA in Minsk

    The most effective and widespread cosmetic procedures include various types of SPA and massage in Minsk. They are aimed at muscle tone improvement, metabolic processes activation and the general improvement of the body.

     Medical and beauty spa Iris employs massage therapists who are proficient in various massage techniques:

    • Full-body manual massage;
    • Lymphatic massage;
    • Anti-cellulite massage;
    • Relaxation massage;
    • Hot stone therapy;
    • Cupping spa treatment;
    • Aromatherapy.

    All procedures are performed by qualified specialists.

     The positive effect of massage and SPA massage

    Their advantages include:

    • Improvement of tissue blood supply;
    • Activation of metabolic processes;
    • Restoration of skin elasticity;
    • Improvement of the nervous and cardiovascular systems condition;
    • Stress release and psycho-emotional well-being normalization;
    • Inhibition of age-related changes;
    • Elimination of cellulite and muscle tone improvement.

    How often is massage at SPA salon recommended?

    The best option is following a scheme of 2 annual courses including 10 sessions each. It is also a great idea to visit the massage therapist several more times in the meantime, which will help to consolidate the progress achieved. The price of the SPA massage depends on the chosen technique and the number of procedures.

    • A variety of techniques
    • Amazing energy transmitted during the procedures
    • Individual approach

Gift Certificate of Medical
and Beauty Spa Iris

Treat your loved ones to beauty, health and a few hours of complete relaxation – we will do our best to please them. This is a great gift for any occasion, including a corporate holiday or a romantic date. The possibility to book the convenient time and a wide selection of procedures will ensure your gift will be much appreciated.


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