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Manicure in Minsk at the following prices
  • All types of manicure in Minsk

    Beautiful and well-groomed hands are the calling card of a woman; therefore, it is very important to trust the manicure procedure to real masters of their craft. The staff of medical and beauty spa Iris includes specialists who do all types of manicure in compliance with the asepsic requirements and hygiene and sanitary regulations.

     Varieties of manicure options in Minsk:

    • Classical manicure. A manual method is used to remove the cuticle quickly and efficiently and give the nails the perfect shape;
    • Hardware manicure. A special device and medical preparations are used to treat your hands. The possibility to choose different nozzles ensures an individual approach;
    • SPA care. A great option to get rid of hand fatigue and to give them an attractive and healthy look;
    • Paraffin wrap. Helps to heal cracks, eliminate peeling and restore the water-fat balance.

    We have affordable prices for manicure for children, men, nail polishing and buffing as well as other types of services.

    Absolutely safe manicure in Minsk

    The timely and adequate processing of instruments with subsequent disinfection are the prerequisites for the work of the master. Disposable materials are used for processing nail plates. A nice bonus for our customers includes tea and coffee with branded chocolate that will energize you and put you in a good mood.

    • Biocovering
    • Canadian products
    • Preservation of a nail plate
    • Without smell
    • 111 shades in the palette

Why we prefer LUXIO gel polishes

Well-groomed nails with an ideal covering – this is what each woman dreams of!

The fulfillment of this dream only requires experienced hands of the medical and beauty spa Iris masters and Luxio. The gel lacquer from the Canadian company Akzentz is qualitatively different from other products in our market. It is not difficult to list all the benefits of this coating, you should learn more about its main advantages. Why do we prefer Luxio?

  • Amazing durability. The coverage will last for more than 14 days. It is resistant to domestic influences and crack resistant.
  • Treatment - Luxio lacquers strengthen the nails, leaving them healthy and shiny. The manufacturers have created gel without solvents but with essential oils.
  • Lack of smell.You will smell nothing after applying the product and drying it.
  • Flawless color. Glitter and saturation of the coating will last until you decide to change the color.
  • Diverse palette. You will have no trouble finding the perfect shade.

The palette currently has 110 shades and is constantly expanding. The palette contains both glossy classics and trendy sparkles.

Today, the Luxio gel polish is one of the best nail care products. The products of this series ensure strong and durable coating.

Our masters are convinced of the advantages of the Luxio coating; you can try its high quality and useful properties on your own nails.

Gift Certificate of Medical
and Beauty Spa Iris

Treat your loved ones to beauty, health and a few hours of complete relaxation – we will do our best to please them. This is a great gift for any occasion, including a corporate holiday or a romantic date. The possibility to book the convenient time and a wide selection of procedures will ensure your gift will be much appreciated.


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